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Prof. Dr. Christof Hamann

Department of German Language and Literature I
Modern German literature

Office: 2.224 (Philosophikum)
Phone: +49 (0)221 470 5230
E-Mail: christof.hamann(at)

Inquiries concerning lectures and term papers:

Office hours: see PhilServices

Recent publications

  • Marcel Beyer, TEXT + KRITIK, H. 218/219 (2018; Hg.).
  • Erzählte Moderne. Fiktionale Welten in den 1920er Jahren. Göttingen: Wallstein (2018; Mithg.).
  • Handbuch Kriminalliteratur. Theorien – Geschichte – Medien. Stuttgart: Metzler (2018; Mithg.).

Main research areas

  • Crime and Literature
  • Rhetoric and Poetics
  • Intersections between Literary Theory and Literary Didactics