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Nicolas Pethes

Department of German language and literature I 
Modern German literature

Office: 3.216 (Philosophikum)
Phone: +49 (0)221 470-4819

Inquiries concerning lectures, exams and term papers:

Office hours: see PhilServices

Recent Publications

  • Literarische Fallgeschichten. Zur Poetik einer epistemischen Schreibweise, Konstanz: Konstanz University Press 2016
  • »Milieu. Die Exploration selbstgenerierter Umwelten in Wissenschaft und Ästhetik des 19. Jahrhunderts«. In: Archiv für Begriffsgeschichte 59 (2017), S. 139-156.
  • Cultural Memory Studies. An Introduction, Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2019 [forthcoming]
  • Philology in the Making. Analog/Digital Cultures of Scholarly Writing and Reading, Bielefeld: transcript 2019 (coeditor)

Key research areas

  • Cultural Memory Studies
  • Literature and Science
  • Media Practices of Philological Scholarship