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INCOMINGS - International students in Cologne

German Studies in Cologne

German Studies is split between two institues at the University of Cologne: The Institute of German Language and Literature I, which coordinates the Bachelor and Master of Arts in German Language and Literature as well as the teaching degrees for German in highschools (Gymnasium, Gesamtschule and Berufskolleg), and the Institute of German Language and Literature II, which coordinates all other teaching degrees such as German for primary and middle schools, special education needs and more.

German Studies in Cologne offers a rich variety of focus areas. Each semester we offer a wide range of courses. Addiotionally, there are special courses for ERASMUS students that will help you to start your studies in Cologne.

However, German language courses do not belong to the Institutes of German Language and Literature but are provided by the Department of German as Foreign Language (Lehrbereich Deutsch als Fremdsprache).