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Student affairs

Office hours

In the winter term 2018/19 my office hour takes place on Tuesdays from 2 to 3 pm. Alternatively, please feel free to send me an e-mail and propose three other appointments. In doing so, please, specify your issue.    


If you intend to send me an e-mail, please, describe your issue as detailed as possible and provide all information needed, i.e. your name, enrolment number, name of a course, date of an examination, etc.

Term papers

If you intend to write a term paper under my supervision, you are obliged to come to my office hour and to discuss with me both the topic and a preliminary structure of your term paper.

Usually, I read, mark and score term papers within two weeks after submission. I inform you about the grade by sending you an e-mail. In doing so, I also justify the grade breifly and invite you to my office hour to give you detailed feedback.

Authors of excellent term papers are invited to prepare with me a joint journal publication. Such a collaboration takes at least six months.

Student academic theses

Due to my ongoing habilitation project, I do not supervise any student academic theses at the University of Cologne. However, if you are interested in a topic that covers my research interests, please, get in touch with me, either by e-mailing me or by coming to my office hour.