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Summer term 2022

  • Syntax and Semantics of Adverbs [description]
  • Language-training Competences and Language Intervention [description]
  • German as a Foreign Language (Erasmus+ class for BA students at the University of Lisbon, C1 level, topics: creativity, acquisition of lying, multilingualism, and selected phenomena of German grammar)

Past terms at the University of Cologne

 winter term 2016/17 – winter term 2021/22

Past terms at the University of Potsdam

summer term 2013 – winter term 2016/17

  • Historical-comparative Syntax (winter 2016/17: [description] + [evaluation])
  • History of German (summer 2016: [evaluation]; summer 2015; summer 2014: [evaluation]; winter 2014/15)
  • Adverbial Clauses in German. Synchrony and Diachrony (winter 2015/16: [evaluation])
  • On the Emergence, Change and Acquisition of Grammatical Categories (winter 2015/16: [evaluation])
  • Infinitive patterns and their Variation in (West-)Germanic Languages (summer 2015: joint course with Ulrike Demske; [description])
  • Anmelden, besuchen, bestehen! Non-finite Structures in German. Synchrony and Diachrony (winter 2014/15: [description] + [evaluation])
  • Grammaticalization in the History of German (summer 2013: [description] + [evaluation])