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Dr.' Hanna Weiland-Breckle

Institut für deutsche Sprache und Literatur I

Raum: 2.123 (Philosphikum)
Tel.: +49 (0)221 470-5201
E-Mail: h.weiland-breckleSpamProtectionuni-koeln.de


  • Seit 04/2014 Postdoc im SPP XPrag.de Projekt "Processing speaker's meaning: Informativeness and perspective"
  • 10/2012 bis 03/2014 Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin im Dept. of English & Linguistics, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
  • 10/2009 bis 03/2014 Promotion an der Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
  • 10/2003 bis 05/2009 Studium (M.A.) der Germanistik und Pädagogik an der Universität Stuttgart


  • Weiland-Breckle, Hanna & Petra B. Schumacher. (2018). A direct comparison of metonymic and metaphoric relations in adjective-noun pairs. Acta Linguistica Academica, 15. 2-3, 443-472.

  • Liebherr, Magnus, Hanna Weiland-Breckle, Tanja Grewe & Petra B. Schumacher. (2018). Cognitive performance under motor demands – On the influence of task difficulty and postural control. Brain Research, 1684, 1-8.

  • Schumacher, Petra B., Patrick Brandt & Hanna Weiland-Breckle. (2018). Online processing of “real” and “fake”. The cost of being too strong. In: Elena Castroviejo, Louise McNally, & Galit Weidman Sassoon. (Eds.) The Semantics of Gradability, Vagueness, and Scale Structure: Expermental, Perspectives. Heidelberg: Springer, 93-111.

  • Weiland-Breckle, Hanna & Petra B. Schumacher. (2017) Artist-for-work metonymy: Type clash or underspecification? Mental Lexicon, 12. 2, 219-233.

  • Weiland-Breckle, Hanna, Klaus von Heusinger & Sam Featherstone. (2017). Conditions on systematic polysemy: An empirical investigation on the pragmatics of predicate transfer. Linguistische Berichte, 252, 459-491.

  • Weiland, Hanna (2014). Experimental research into non-literal language: ERP studies on metaphors and metonymies. Diss., Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz.

  • Weiland, Hanna, Valentina Bambini & Petra B. Schumacher. (2014). The Role of Literal Meaning in Figurative Language Comprehension: Evidence from Masked Priming ERP. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 8, 583.

  • Schumacher, Petra B. & Hanna Weiland. (2014). Referential properties of definites and salience spreading. In: Aguilar-Guevara, Ana, Bert Le Bruyn & Joost Zwarts. (Eds). Weak Definites. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 365-388.

  • Schumacher, Petra B., Bambini, Valentina, & Hanna Weiland. (2012). Event-related brain potentials of masked repetition and semantic priming while listening to sentences. Neuroscience letters, 530 (2), 138-143.

  • Featherston, Sam, von Heusinger, Klaus & Hanna Weiland. (2011). I’m leaking oil and looking for a garage: Testing conditions on meaning transfer. Syntax & Semantik, Vol. 37, 31-65.


  • Anreicherungsprozesse
  • Experimentelle Pragmatik
  • Neurolinguistik
  • Semantik / Pragmatik
  • Sprachverarbeitung
  • Psycholinguistik