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Conference and Workshop Organization

2021. Sinn und Bedeutung 26. 8-10. September. Universität zu Köln. Together with Daniel Gutzmann and others (tba)

2019. Encoding varieties of topic and focus: The role of contrast and information status. Workshop (AG) organized as part of the 41st Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of Germany (DGfS) in Bremen, Together with Johannes Mursell (University of Frankfurt)

2016. Questions, Answers and Negation. Together with Fabienne Salfner and with the members of three projects

2013. Linguistic Evidence - Berlin Special. Together with Berry Claus, Constantin Freitag und Edith Scheifele

2012 Workshop: Information structure in non-assertive speech acts. Together with Andreas Haida

2010. Second International Conference of the SFB 632 Information Structure. Together with Jutta Boethke

2008 Topicality. Together with Cornelia Endriss and Stefan Hinterwimmer

2007 Funny Indefinites. Workshop on different kinds of specificity across languages. Together with Cornelia Endriss, Stefan Hinterwimmer and Manfred Krifka

2007. 3rd Workshop on Contrast: Contrast towards a closer definition. Together with Philippa Cook, Werner Frey, Ewald Lang and Fabienne Salfner.