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Demonstratives and Reference Tracking


Workshop organized as part of the Research Class ("Forschungsklasse") "Demonstratives Empirical" in Cologne, July 7, 2015.

Organizer:  Petra B. Schumacher (Cologne) 


Venue: Klosterstraße 79 b (Building 222a), Gremiumraum (1st Floor) 



This one-day workshop is part of a research class on experimental approaches to demonstratives. It brings together international researchers and a group of advanced students who are planning their master’s theses on topics relating to reference resolution.



13:30               Coffee  

14:00-14:30     Welcome & Brief Research Statements from Student Participants

14:30-15:30     Leah Roberts, York: "Adult and child learners' resolving of the pronouns ER and DER in real-time German discourse"

15:30-16:15    Clare Patterson, Potsdam: "Investigating the effects of pronoun type and thematic role information on pronoun resolution: eye-tracking evidence"

16:15-16:45     Coffee Break

16:45-17:30    Stefan Hinterwimmer, Köln: "A comparison of the binding properties of German personal and demonstrative pronouns"

17:30-18:30     Ans van Kemenade, Nijmegen: "The discourse integration of clause-initial demonstratives"

19:00              Get together