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Prof. Duygu Özge

Guest at the Institute for German Language and Literature 1, Department Linguistics, and the CRC 1252 Prominence in Language.

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Dr.' Duygu Özge studied at the  Middle East Technical University in Turkey. She received her PhD at the same University for a work investigating the acquisition of relative clauses by Turkish monolingual and Turkish-English bilingual children. After fellowships at the Harvard University and Stuttgart University, she currently holds a position as associate professor at the Middle East Technical University.

In her research, she focuses on the incremental language processing from childhood into adulthood. Furthermore, she is interested in the impact of cognitive or social status on language processing and other cognitive abilities.

During her stay in Cologne, Duygu Özge will collaborate with the CRC 1252 on pronoun resolutionin Turkish and referential chains in bilingual children's oral narrative skills. In addition to that, she will be wirking together with our Team-members on the discourse properties of bare nouns and how the linguistic notion of prominence relates to case marking of direct objects in Turkish.