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The relation between prosodic and referential structure

Workshop (AG 2) organized as part of the 40th Annual Conference of the German Linguistic Society (DGfS) to be held at the University of Stuttgart, Germany, March 7-9, 2018.

Stefan Baumann, Klaus von Heusinger
& Petra B. Schumacher; University of Cologne.

Invited Speakers:
Jennifer Arnold (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
Jennifer Cole (Northwestern University)

Aims and background:
Prosodic structure (of spoken language) contributes together with syntactic, morphological and lexical material to the referential structure of phrases, sentences and discourses. Research on prosodic and referential structure has mainly focused on the linguistic cues speakers use to mark the discourse status of a referring expression (cf. Arnold 2010). We would like to broaden this view to different levels of interaction between prosodic and referential structure and address the following questions: (i) Which aspects determine the prosodic setup of referring expressions? (ii) What is the influence of the prosodic structure on the semantics of sentences? (iii) To what extent do we rely on prosodic information to understand discourse structure?


 Mi., 07.03.2018


Stefan Baumann, Klaus von Heusinger & Petra Schumacher | Introduction

Introduction: Prosody and referential structure


Jennifer E. Arnold

Is prosody an intentional signal of information structure? (invited talk)


Markus Greif & Stavros Skopeteas

Discourse status, lexical mention, and prosodic plasticity


Kaffeepause / coffee break


Arndt Riester, Kerstin Eckart, Ina Rösiger, Antje Schweitzer, Katrin Schweitzer & Sabrina Stehwien | talk

Studying the prosodic properties of referring expressions in corpus resources: Obstacles and state of the art


Do., 08.03.2018


Jennifer Cole | talk

Intonational meaning and the representation of prenuclear melodies (invited talk)


Nicole Gotzner & Katharina Spalek

Speakers’ expectations about upcoming discourse referents: Effects of pitch accents and focus particles


Kaffeepause / coffee break


Alessandra Zappoli, Francesco Vespignani, Stefan Baumann, Martine Grice & Petra Schumacher

The processing of German Pitch Accents by Italian learners of German


Gerard O’Grady | talk

Given and New: the interaction of prosody, word order and semantics


Malte Belz

Filler form and dialogue structure


Mittagspause / Lunch break


Marcel Schlechtweg & Holden Härtl | talk

Do we pronounce quotation marks? A comparison of referring and name-mentioning expressions


Gerrit Kentner & Michael Wagner | talk

Prosodic rendering of conflicting information structures


 Fr., 09.03.2018


Carola De Beer, Clara Huttenlauch, Sandra Hanne & Isabell Wartenburger

Inter- and Intra-individual Variability in Prosodic Cue Production


Swantje Tönnis | talk

Investigating the Distribution of Clefts in Written and Spoken German: The Role of Prosody


Andrea Pešková & Ingo Feldhausen | talk

Intonation and discourse status of Spanish subject pronoun yo (‘I’)


Jacopo Torregrossa & Maria Andreou

Er and der: their interpretation and phonology in child language


Utz Maas & Nabila Louriz

Prosodic structures in spontaneous (interactive) vs. canonical (edited) utterances. Examples from Moroccan Arabic