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Please note the complete information on Terms of use, data usage instructions and information on data privacy for the use of Zoom provided by the computing center and the data protection officer of the UoC.

The University of Cologne (UoC) has proven the Zoom videoconferencing system in terms of data privacy legislation. Data processing takes place in compliance with and on the basis of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the North Rhine-Westphalia Data Protection Act and other applicable data protection regulations.  

1. Purpose of data processing

The purpose of data processing is the use of Zoom as a collaboration tool in the framework of official duties at the UoC in order to fulfil the University’s statutory obligations.
It includes the use of the licensed products and services, provision of updates, safeguarding of information security as well as technical and customer support.

No data processing takes place for purposes other than the ones stated above or permitted by law.

Use of Zoom for private purposes in the framework of the UoC licences provided is not permitted. 

There is no monitoring of conduct and performance based on the use of Zoom nor does the UoC gather any statistical data from Zoom which could facilitate such monitoring. Using Zoom to compile person-related statistics is not permitted.

2. Information on data privacy

Participants can access and attend the workshop in full via a link sent by the organizers. In the case of solely passive participation, only the technical meeting metadata indicated below are processed.
You can find further information on the use of cookies under https://zoom.us/cookie-policy.

When using Zoom, the following data are gathered:

Technical usage information, i.e. meeting metadata: 

  • Topic, description (optional)
  • Participant IP addresses, device/hardware information (e.g. IP address, operating system data of your end device)

3. Zoom as data processor of the UoC

Zoom functions as data processor for the University of Cologne, i.e. Zoom is obliged through a contract processing agreement to use personal data solely for the University’s purposes and not for its own business purposes. This contract processing takes precedence over Zoom’s privacy policy, the scope of which is partially broader. Within the framework of contract processing, personal data are also transmitted to servers at locations outside the EU. This transmission is permissible because Zoom is partly based on an adequacy decision of the European Commission (“Privacy Shield”) and has furthermore concluded what are referred to as standard contractual clauses with the University, which under the GDPR legitimize such transmission to third countries.

Data protection information about "Zoom"(Status 04/03/202020)

In the following we inform you about the video conferencing system "Zoom", a service of Zoom Video Communications, Inc., located in the US. You will receive this information in accordance with Article 13 DSGVO and related to the processing of your personal data of

  • participation in a telephone/video conference (format "Meeting") or a lecture stream (format "Webinar") by means of Zoom, which was created by a licensed Zoom account with an @uni-koeln.de e-mail address, as well as
  • the registration and use of licensed Zoom accounts with an @uni-koeln.de e-mail address.


The person responsible for data protection when using Zoom is:

University of Cologne
Corporation under public law
represented by the Rector
50923 Cologne

The person responsible for IT issues is RRZK:

University of Cologne
Regional Computing Centre
Weyertal 121
50931 Köln

Note on other offers and zoom accounts without @uni-koeln.de e-mail address:

The University of Cologne is only responsible for the processing of your personal data if you as a moderator*use a zoom account with access via a @uni-koeln.de e-mail address or if you have been invited by such an e-mail address. If you do not use a zoom account with @uni-koeln.de e-mail address (for independent zoom accounts and especially the basic/"freeware" version), Zoom Video Communications, Inc. is responsible for invitations to meetings from an organizer*in ("host") without a zoom account with @uni-koeln.de mail address.

If you access the Zoom website (https://www.zoom.us) or use a Zoom mobile app for your device, Zoom Video Communications, Inc. is responsible for processing your personal data. Contacts and information provided by Zoom as the responsible party can be found at zoom.us/docs/en/privacy-and-legal.html.

contact details of the data protection officer

Data protection officer of the University of Cologne
50923 Köln
E-Mail: dsbSpamProtectionverw.uni-koeln.de
Telefon: 0221-470-0