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CADIM 2 - Second Cologne Ancara Discourse Meeting

The International Workshop ‘Second Cologne Ankara Discourse Meeting (CADiM2)’ will take place at the University of Cologne (Germany), June 23, 2017. It is organized by Elyesa Seidel (Köln, Germany) and Semra Kizilkaya (Köln, Germany).

CADiM2 covers certain issues on discourse-pragmatic functions and properties of various structures and their use in Turkish and German. This year’s emphasis lies on reference in discourse and verbal semantics.

The CADiM workshop series facilitate in-depth discussions on recent study designs, experimental tools, research ideas, and findings. By doing so, they aim at providing researchers in Germany and Turkey with the chance to exchange, collaborate and produce joint work.


Elyesa Seidel (Köln, Germany) and Semra Kizilkaya (Köln, Germany)


09.00   Opening
09.10-10.00  Frederike Weeber: 
Time pressure in paragraph continuation. Influences on referential management
10.00-10-50  Umut Özge: 
Dimensions of definiteness in the Turkish noun phrase
10.50  Coffee break
11.10-12.00 Duygu Özge: 
How does referential form influence implicit causality biases?
12.00-12.50 Sofiana Lindemann: 
Verb-based implicit causality in sentence production
12.50-13.00  Closing remarks