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Prof. Dr. Klaus von Heusinger

Professor of German Linguistics

Department of German Language und Literature I – Linguistics

50923 Cologne

Visitor Address and Office Hours:
Philosophikum, Room 2.116
Tel.: +49 (0)221 470 4884

Office at the CRC 1252 Prominence in Language
Luxemburger Straße 299, room 1.09
Tel.: +49 (0)221 470 89900

Email: Klaus.vonHeusinger(at)

Information on lectures and office hours in WiSe 21/22


Key research areas

  • Foundations of Linguistics
  • Semantics and Pragmatics
  • Contrastive Linguistics (Germanic – Romanic – Altaic)
Versuchspersonen gesucht

Project C04 "conceptual and referential activation in discourse" is looking for subjects to participate in linguistic experiments. We pay 12 Euros per hour, with participation time varying from 1-4 hours. If you are interested, please write to

Recent Publications

Lehre & Betreuung

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Anfragen zu Lehre & Betreuung senden Sie uns gern an team-kvonheusinger(at)