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Prof. Dr. Klaus von Heusinger

Professor of German Linguistics

Department of German Language und Literature I – Linguistics

50923 Cologne

Visitor Address and Office Hours:
Philosophikum, Room 2.116
Tel.: +49 (0)221 470 4884

Office at the CRC 1252 Prominence in Language
Luxemburger Straße 299, room 1.09
Tel.: +49 (0)221 470 89900

Email: Klaus.vonHeusinger(at)

Information on lectures and office hours in WiSe 21/22


Teaching and Supervision

Consultation hour: please sign up via Scheduler.

For inquiries about teaching and supervision please send a mail to team-kvonheusinger(at)


Key Research Areas

  • Foundations of Linguistics
  • Semantics and Pragmatics
  • Contrastive Linguistics (Germanic – Romanic – Altaic)
Recent Publications

von Heusinger, Klaus, Tiago Duarte & Marco García García. 2024. Differential Object Marking and discourse prominence in Spanish. Isogloss 10(1)/6. 1–37. 

Buchholz, Timo & Klaus von Heusinger. 2024. German demonstratives and topic questions. In L. K. Samuel- son, S. L. Frank, M. Toneva, A. Mackey & E. Hazeltine (eds.), Proceedings of the 46nd Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, 5143–5150. UC Merced.

Buchholz, Timo & Klaus von Heusinger. 2024. German demonstrative pronouns differ in their sensitivity to discourse and sentence topics. Frontiers in Communication 9:1369290. 

Kaiser, Georg A. & Klaus von Heusinger. 2024. On the emergence of argument encoding in causative constructions in Spanish. In New perspectives on the syntax of causative and restructuring verbs in Romance, eds. Jan Casalicchio and Peter Herbeck. Special issue of Isogloss. Open Journal of Romance Linguistics 10((4)/2). 1–34. 

Donazzan, Marta, Clémentine Raffy, Bridget Copley & Klaus von Heusinger. 2023. Letting structure speak with authority: constraining agents’ choices with French laisser. In Julie Goncharov & Hedde Zeijstra (eds.), Agency and intentions in language, 88–111. Leiden: Brill. 

Primus, Beatrice, Franziska Kretzschmar, Klaus von Heusinger & Nikolaus P. Himmelmann. 2022. Relating agent prominence to discourse prominence: DO-clefts in German. Linguistics 60(6). 1811-1853. 

Kizilkaya, Semra, Zarina Levy Forsythe & Klaus von Heusinger.2022. Affectedness and differential object marking in Turkish and Uzbek. Linguistics 60(6). 1907-1941. 

Gianollo, Chiara, Klaus von Heusinger & Maria Napoli (eds.). 2022. Determiners and quantifiers: functions, variation, and change. Leiden: Brill.


further publications

Current Conferences

International conference Non-bare proper names. Proper names with determiners and modification in a cross-linguistic perspective at the University of Cologne, May 2024 (in cooperation with Ana Aguilar Guevara, México, Timo Buchholz, Cologne, Carolina Oggiani, Montevideo and Julia Pozas Loyo, México)


International conference Referential Structure in Communication at the University of Tokyo, March 2024 (in cooperation with Yoshiki Mori, Tokyo)


Workshop The syntax and semantics of internal arguments at the University of Bucharest, October 2019 (in cooperation with Alina Tigău, Bucharest)



Germanistische Linguistik und aktuelle Gesellschafthemen. Online lecture series by GSI Caravan Projekt. From October to December 2023 (hosting in cooperation with Yoshiki Mori, University of Tokyo)


Forschungsprojekte (Auswahl)


Sprecher des SFB 1252 (2017-2021)

Projekt im SFB 1252 „B04 - Interaktion von nominalen und verbalen Eigenschaften bei Differentieller Objektmarkierung” (mit Marco García García)

Projekt im SFB 1252 “C04 - Aktivierung von Konzepten und Referenten im Diskurs

Forschungsnetzwerke in Köln

Mitglied des Kernprofilbereichs "Skills and Structures in Language and Cognition"

Gründungsmitglied und Sprecher des Center for Linguistics, Information and Philosophy (CLIP)

Mitglied im Cologne Center of Languages Sciences (CCLS)

Research Networks in Cologne
International Research Networks

Gründung und Organisation der Workshopreihe Referential Expressions in Discourse (RED)

Gründung des Internationales Netzwerk Research Network for Referential Categories in Spanish and other Romance Languages (NEREUS)

Gründung und Organisation der Tagungsreihe Germanistische Linguistik zwischen Köln und Tokio (GAKT)