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Current conferences and workshops

30.-31. August 2021: SLE-Workshop: Causation: from context(s) to grammar
Workshop during the 54th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea
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22.-23. Februar 2021: GAKT 6 – Vom Ereignis zum Diskurs
6. international workshop from the University of Cologne and the University of Tokyo
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17. - 18. September 2020: RED-Workshop "Prominent Inferences"
Joint workshop from Klaus von Heusinger (University of Cologne) and Jet Hoek (Universität zu Köln).
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International Conferences
10. - 11. Februar 2020 GAKT 5 – Informationsstruktur in Semantik und Syntax
5. intarnational Workshop from the University of Cologne and the University of Tokyo
[Website I Programm]
24. - 25. Oktober 2019 Workshop: The syntax and semantics of internal arguments [Website I Programm]
02.-03. Oktober 2019 RED 2019: Pronouns and discourse prominence [Website | Programm]
17. Juli 2019 Workshop: Discourse Structure in Contrast [WebsiteProgramm]
27.-28. März 2019 GAKT 4: Organisation von Satz, Diskurs und Referenz [Website | Programm]
08.-09. November 2018 NEREUS IX: Morphosyntactic and semantic aspects of the DP in Romance and beyond, Bergische Universität Wuppertal [Website | Programm
25.-26. Oktober 2018 RED 2018: Datives in Discourse [Website | Programm]
7.-9. März 2018 DGfS 2018 AG2: The relation between prosodic and referential structure [WebsiteProgramm]

25.-26. Januar 2018

GAKT 3: Grammatik im Spannungsfeld zwischen Syntax und Semantik [Website | Programm]
23. Juni 2017 CADiM 2: Second Cologne Ankara Discourse Meeting, Universität zu Köln [Website | Programm]
15.-16. June 2017 The grammar of reference and quantification: functions, variation, and change [mehr | more]
13.-14. Mai 2016 The grammar of reference: functions, variation, and change [mehr | more]
24.-26. Feb. 2016 Indefinites between Theory and Language Change [mehr | more]
02.-05. Sept. 2015 Prominence in Pragmatics [mehr | more]
May 2012 Workshop on Altaic Formal Linguistics (WAFL 8) (zusammen mit Jaklin Kornfilt) [mehr | more]
August 2011 Japanese-German linguistics workshop Grammatische Strukturen des Japanischen und Deutschen im Vergleich at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (joint with Elisabeth Leiss)
August 2011 Internationale Conference Dimensions of Grammar - In honor of Paul Kiparsky an der Universität Konstanz (joint with Miriam Butt and Chiara Gianollo) [mehr | more]
Aug. &Sept. 2010 Internationale Conference Specificity from theoretical and empirical points of view an der Universität Stuttgart. [mehr | more]
January 2010 International Conference Reference and Discourse Structure (zusammen mit Sofiana Chiriacescu) an der Universität Stuttgart [mehr | more]
September 2009 Internationale Conference (zusammen mit Teresa Espinal, Barcelona) Converging linguistics and cognitive science: nominal systems across languages at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona in Barcelona. This workshop aims at understanding linguistic variation of nominal systems across several languages, bringing together syntacticians and semanticists. (organized by M. Teresa Espinal and Klaus von Heusinger) [mehr | more]
October 2008 Konferenz (zusammen mit Ljudmila Geist, Hans Kamp, Udo Klein, Fabienne Martin, Edgar Onea, Arndt Riester und Torgrim Solstad) Sinn und Bedeutung 13 (Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft fuer Semantik) an der Universitaet Stuttgart [mehr | more]
June 2008 Conference (joint with Udo Klein) Case Variation, Universitaet Stuttgart und SFB 732 Specification in Context [mehr | more]
June 2007 Workshop (joint with Artemis Alexiadou and Dolgor Guntsetseg) Bare nouns and nominalizations, Universitaet Stuttgart und SFB 732 Specification in Context [mehr | more]
October 2003 Workshop Article Systems in Germanic and Romance Languages an der Universität Konstanz (joint with Georg A. Kaiser and Manuel Leonetti) [mehr | more]
July 2003 Conference with K. Turner and J. Peregrin: Where Semantics meets Pragmatics. (First International Workshop on Current Research in the Semantics-Pragmatics Interface) during the Linguistic Institute at the Michigan State University [mehr | more]
October 2002 Conference with R. Eckardt, W. Geuder & M. Weisgerber: Sinn und Bedeutung VII (Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Semantik) [ mehr | more ]
March 2001 Workshop Sentence Type and Specificity am ZAS in Berlin (zusammen mit K. Schwabe) [mehr | more]
June 1996 Organization of the international conference Reference and Anaphoric Relations an der Universität Konstanz [mehr | more]