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In my research program, I combine the latest methodological and theoretical insights of modern linguistics comparatistically with a detailed description of (a few) languages in order to gain a universal picture of the structure of language. I examine this central interest from different perspectives.


Main research topics

  • Basics of linguistics
  • Semantics / Pragmatics
  • Syntax / Morphology
  • Prosody / discourse and information structure
  • Historical linguistics
  • German - contrastive


Research associations


SFB 1252 Prominence in Language

In the Collaborative Research Center "Prominence in Language" (SFB 1252), over sixty researchers from the University of Cologne have been working in an interdisciplinary team since 2017 on a comprehensive description and modeling of celebrity relations in language.

CLIP: Center for Language, Information and Philosophy

The interdisciplinary Center for Language, Information and Philosophy at the interface between linguistics and philosophy focuses on intensive collaboration in the fields of linguistics, formal semantics and pragmatics as well as logic and analytical philosophy of language.

CCLS: Cologne Center of Language Sciences

The CCLS is a cross-institutional teaching and research center of the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Cologne. It acts as an interface between all linguistically working institutions of the university.



Conference series


RED: Referential Expressions in Discourse

In annual international workshops, the RED series deals with various semantic and pragmatic effects of referential expressions. Taking into account current research results, models of discourse structure as well as various methods of interpreting referential expressions are examined.

GAKT: Germanistische Linguistik zwischen Köln und Tokio (German Linguistics between Cologne and Tokyo)

The GAKT conference series is a cooperation between the University of Cologne and the University of Tokyo, in which selected linguistic phenomena of German and Japanese are examined from a contrastive perspective, compared and embedded in a theoretical discussion.

NEREUS Research Network

The Research Network for Referential Categories in Spanish and other Romance Languages is an international network in the field of reference categories in Romance languages. Special interest is focused on the syntax-semantics interface with regard to the grammatical implementation of animation, specificity, definiteness and related categories.




Completed cooperations & networks