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German linguistics between Cologne and Tokyo (GAKT - Germanistische Linguistik zwischen Köln und Tokyo)

Since 2016


The conference series German Linguistics between Cologne and Tokyo is a cooperation between the University of Cologne and the University of Tokyo.

Since 2016, Prof. Dr. Yoshiki Mori of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Tokyo and Prof. Dr. Klaus von Heusinger of the Department of Linguistics at the Institute for German Language and Literature I at the University of Cologne have been organizing an annual conference at which doctoral students from both universities can present their current research work to a broad audience.

The main goal of the conference series is to examine selected language phenomena of German and Japanese from a contrastive perspective, to compare them with each other and to embed them in a theoretical discussion. Especially investigations on typologically unrelated languages often lead to a striking linguistic diversity.

GAKT offers a forum for current research and linguistic questions from Japanese and German. It promotes academic exchange and international cooperation between doctoral students between Cologne and Tokyo.


Organization & Contact

Prof. Dr. Klaus von Heusinger
Institut für deutsche Sprache und Literatur I
Universität zu Köln
50923 Köln
Klaus. ​vonHeu­sin­ger[at]uni-koeln.​de

Prof. Dr. Yoshiki Mori
University of Tokyo
Graduate School of Arts and Science
153-8902 Meguro, Tokyo




2021: GAKT 6 From event structure to discourse structure [Programm]

2020: GAKT 5 Information structure in semantics and syntax [Programm]

2019: GAKT 4 Organization of sentence, discourse and reference [Programm]

2018: GAKT 3 Grammar in the field of tension between syntax and semantics [Programm]

2017: GAKT 2  Form and function [Programm]

2016: GAKT 1 Structure and meaning [Programm]